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Vegan Snacks That Don’t Taste Like Crap!

Vegan Snacks That Don’t Taste Like Crap!

Vegan Snacks That Don’t Taste Like Crap!

It is kind of an unwritten rule that for every supermarket gem we find, we’re going to have to work through a handful of vegan snacks that taste like crap. This is because although demand is rising now, there wasn’t a huge demand all that long ago. Which means we’re going to have to wait for people to actually put some effort in to make something nice. There are some real gems out there, some vegan snacks that don’t taste like crap, so I thought I would post them here for you to try yourself, rather than having to wretch your way through gummy kale bears or something…


Graze is actually, primarily, a subscription service to which, we ourselves, are subscribed. They send through four pots of delicious snacks that are perfectly portioned. You can choose which they send you and you’ll soon figure out which are your favourites. Their flapjack is pretty darn awesome, Amy likes their barbecue mix and I’m fond of the kale and edamame seed pots.

Recently, however, I have noticed that they have worked their way onto the supermarket shelves. Each pack tells you how much protein a portion is packing. Which is a nice touch considering how it is a real quandary for meat-eaters trying to figure out where we get our protein from.

There are so many different flavours that you are sure to find a flavour you like. As far as vegan snacks go, they are very reasonably priced as well. I know a few meat-eaters who have really taken to these packets also so that’s when you really know you’re onto a winner!

Eat Real

We were first introduced to these tasty bags of goodness at the Brighton Vegan Summer Festival. We both received a bag of creamy dill flavoured hummus chips and considering my undying love of hummus (find my recipe here) I was obviously going to fall head over heels for these scrummy, plant-based yummies. We were pleasantly surprised, post-vegan festival, to find that most major supermarkets are stocking these bags. Even if you’re not a hummus fan, find another flavour and give these a try because they are packed full of flavour and are incredibly satisfying in times of great hunger.

Trek Bars

Another little gem that shows how much protein it’s packing. These bars are an ideal breakfast go-to and will set you up with a nice little energy boost for the day. I have to say, I am not a fan of the cocoa flavour… but Amy is. We do both like the berry burst flavour though. I guess you’ve just got to pick your flavour… They keep bringing out new ones to try though so It’s worth keeping on top of their news. Check out their website for their newsletters and all kinds of discounts, offers and freebies!

As a side note, I just noticed they do a “Chunks Taster Pack” so you can find your flavour quite easily!

MA Baker Bars

These guys have been going since 1995 with over 75 million bars sold. So you know they’ve got something right! These bars are BIG. Like, really big and each bar is full of oaty goodness and delicious fruity chunks. I had a stint where these would get me all the way through the day up until dinner time but I don’t condone that kind of dieting… They are delicious though and we still keep them in the cupboard for when our tummies are grumbling!

Candy Kittens

Another recent find for us. It’s incredibly frustrating knowing that all those gummies in the supermarket, most likely, comprise of some sort of gelatin. Not these sweeties though. The brand was created by Made in Chelsea‘s Jamie Laing and Ed Williams and was intended to fill a gap in the market for chic sweets for adults. Conveniently, they filled that vegan gap too.

These gummies taste no different than you would expect. In fact, when you take into account that they are bursting with vibrant, fruity flavours… They probably would exceed your expectations. Good job guys!

What’s your favourite?

At current, this list is probably quite short. We’ve got a lot more investigating to do (which I will happily oblige to continue). However, I’d love your help contributing to the list! What are your supermarket favourites? Any honourable mentions? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on social media!

If you’re looking to make your own snacks, you might be able to find some inspiration on our snack page!

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