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Homemade Chapati Recipe

Homemade Chapati Recipe

This has got to be one of the most simple recipes ever. You need wholemeal flour, water and a dash of olive oil. That’s it… That’s all you need in this chapati recipe.

Chapati is an unleavened flatbread that originates from South East Asia. It makes for a great side dish for any meal or for dipping in things (check out my real good hummus recipe and almond dal recipe). As it only takes no time to prepare it’s a nice little treat to impress your friends instead of going out and buying packaged ones. It also means you’re using less plastic that will end up in the oceans at some point so the world smiles at your chapati making efforts.

Here is my homemade chapati recipe.

To make 2 chapatis

  • put 150g / 1 cup of wholemeal flour in a bowl. Measure out 80ml and slowly add this to the flour, mixing with your hands as you add it. Keep going until you have a soft dough, you don’t want it to be soggy.
  • Scatter some more flour onto a work surface. Put your dough mixture down and drizzle a dash of olive oil over the top. Then you can start kneading it. You want to do this for about 5 minutes and then leave it to rest for an extra 10 minutes.
  • Split your dough into two equal sized balls and roll them out. You want them to be flat as a pancake.
  • Heat up a frying pan. When it’s scalding hot, put in one of your chapatis in. You don’t need any oil in your pan! Cook them on both sides until you can see dark blotches appear on both sides.

That’s it. That is all there is to this chapati recipe. All you need to do now is come up with a fabulous meal to have it with! Or hummus… because hummus is just as quick and easy to make so then you have lunch sorted! If you liked this recipe, please do give it a share. We really appreciate it!

However, if you want to take a step up in your bread making game, I don’t know why you’re checking out my basic af post, you should check out Amy’s sun-dried tomato and thyme share bread if you really want to wow people!

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