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Why Aren’t More Men Vegan? – Marketing Veganism

Why Aren’t More Men Vegan? – Marketing Veganism

Why Aren’t More Men Vegan?

Amy recently shared an article by Vegan Insight on Twitter that addressed the question of “why aren’t more men vegan?” and I dare say, I was a little bit stung by this.

You can find the article here

Don’t get me wrong, I’m advocating veganism. It’s great. Veganism for everyone and whatnot. But when we’re addressing the fact that men seem to be a little bit late on the uptake, I refuse to put this down to solely, our primitive, neanderthal thinking.

Let me explain…

Is it down to our “manly” mentality?

I will raise my hand and say it was a hurdle, sure…why aren't more men vegan

But is it any more of a hurdle than the ladies have to face? Each and every single one of us has to battle with the general public opinion. Sure, when we order the tofu noodles at the pub as opposed to the 9oz sirloin steak, surf and turfed with a side of ribs then the other guys are naturally going to have a little jest. The food chain will inevitably come into conversation and ridicule will ensue.

That’s the man way of life. We don’t communicate as well as ladies. We take the piss and we know this as a fact and it isn’t meant to upset us. It’s not said maliciously or with the intent to exclude us… It’s just a lead into a more interesting conversation than life in general.

So what about a woman ordering tofu noodles?

Now this is purely speculation as I, myself, am not a woman…

But I would hazard a guess that tofu noodles seem like an interesting choice with some discussion to follow as to why you chose this option.

two options to follow:

  • You shrug it off as a diet trend to help the waistline or something or other. I don’t know… I’m not a woman.
  • You tell them that you’re not about eating animals and that you are sticking to a purely vegan diet

Option 1 is likely to raise more questions. Option 2 is likely to raise responses… Responses that will grind your gears and make you want to bang your head on the table because it’s the same shit you’ve already heard a million times like “Good on you, but I could never be vegan”.

Whereas the men will have an occasional jest, the ladies would dig deeper and difficult questions will get raised and so on and so forth… I assume

So no! I haven’t found manly attitudes to be any more of a problem than what Amy faces on a daily basis. In fact, I’d probably say I have it easier.

So why haven’t more men jumped on the bandwagon?

So let’s get to the REAL reason as to “why aren’t more men vegan”.


Instagram has been credited for the rise of veganism (You can read the article here) and who uses instagram? 68% of Instagrams active users… are… female.

So let’s delve into this a bit more. Veganism has risen in popularity on Instagram for beautiful posts about green goddess bowls and fruit smoothies and breakfast bowls. What are guys looking at on Instagram… Cars, success motivation, gym stuff and things.

Bringing Men up to Speed

So what we really need to do is consider veganism from a marketing point of view. It is wrong to just accuse men of being behind the times when we haven’t been targeting them.
I talk about some of these ideas in my blog about vegan advocacy 

For example

Put a green goddess bowl in front of a guy and tell him what it will do for his spiritual wellness and inner balance and what will he think? yep… and you wonder why aren’t more men vegan…

Now put a bowl of vegetable rice in front of him and tell him “gains bro… gains without all the other trans fats and crap that get in the way of you looking like a sexy hunkachunka terminator looking muthaf…”

You get the idea. We need to get the target market right! With the rise of veganism, we have seen certain male celebrities stepping into the limelight with their vegan diets and it will inevitably make it’s way into male magazines at some point if it hasn’t already. Men were always going to be slow on the uptake but not for the reasons you think. There will be those of us who are difficult, just as there will be women who won’t take to the idea either.

Veganism has only just gone mainstream in the grand scheme of things. Let’s not just assume men are not as capable. Instead, let’s work to make veganism a rising trend, start expanding our marketing efforts to include men. The benefits are inclusive of everyone and men will join in. They just haven’t been as exposed to it yet.

So I hope that answers your question as to “why aren’t more men vegan”.

Your Thoughts

Which side are you on? Is this something you agree with or does more light need to be shed on the subject? Do give it a share if you appreciated this article! It means a lot to me!

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