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5 Vegan Clothing Brands You Should Consider for Your Spring Collection

5 Vegan Clothing Brands You Should Consider for Your Spring Collection

Being Vegan is more than just what you eat. It extends to eliminating animal products from your lifestyle altogether. What you wear is also put into question. Which is why I thought I’d do an article on vegan clothing brands!

Now I don’t suggest chucking out all your questionable clothing straight away. As a new vegan, you should look to incorporate these items into your life gradually. When I first turned vegan I had an Abercrombie and Fitch gilet that I was very fond of. When it got a tear I was pretty upset to find it was full of feathers. On further consideration, I had bought it before I was vegan. The damage was done when I was ignorant. There’s no harm in wearing it after the fact. We should just look to make sure all the clothing we buy is vegan from the time we learnt better. So don’t beat yourself up!

Of course, the other difficulty is figuring out which clothing is vegan. Going around the clothes shop isn’t as easy as looking at a food label and reading the ingredients. A lot of stores can’t tell you whether or not their clothes are vegan and you have to go through a painstaking process of googling tell-tale signs and whatnot.

There are brands out there dedicated to providing ethically sourced vegan clothing though. So I have put together a list of 5 that you can shop from today without fear. So without further ado:

5 Vegan Clothing Brands

Beyond Skin Shoes

Shoes! If there’s one thing that finishes a great outfit, it’s some cute shoes to go with it. Of course, a lot of kicks are made from leather and suede and other animal products we don’t want to don on our feet.

These types of materials are usually what we would associate with “quality”. However, Beyond Skin offers stunning footwear for all occasions. Even Bridal shoes! Quality assured.

Even better, they’ve got a men’s section they’re looking to launch very soon so that’s something I will be looking forward to.


The Kooples

The Kooples is a French Fashion brand that has become quite popular. Their Spring/Summer collection was actually sported and co-designed by Emily Ratajkowski so they really are up and coming.

They sell the works! Shoes, dresses, activewear, jumpsuits, shorts… the list goes on. They’re perfect for your spring collection with an array of floral prints.

They have stores worldwide but it’s definitely worth a look at their online exclusives.


Conscious about exercise and the environment? OGNX has you covered. They believe that fair fashion should be available to all.

“Our desire is to inspire other people – towards a more conscious attitude towards themselves, their fellow human beings and the environment. We want to realize our vision of a modern lifestyle in harmony with nature and ourselves through sustainable clothing that puts as little strain on our planet as possible.”

Sounds like a winner to me. Their range has also extended to streetwear too. You can check out some of their bits below.


ThokkThokk is great, their designs are colourful and often have geometric patterns to inspire all the hipsters among us. They have womens, mens and kids sections so you can kit out the whole family!

What’s even better is their clothing is a bit more affordable than some of the other vegan clothing brands I’ve listed so far. It’s rare to find good prices in the vegan niche. Especially when their clothes are made from 100% organic cotton.

Their socks are really freaking snug too.


Now all you need is a bag to complete your look. Not necessarily what one would consider on our list of vegan clothing brands but I think you’ve really got to consider the look as a whole.

“Shape with us a kinder, more compassionate world. Look good with our meticulous attention to details and thoughtful Italian design. Feel good about owning a beautiful product that doesn’t harm the animals or our planet.
Do good with 10% of your purchase directly helping in animals.
Be cool, be ethicool

Not only is Miomojo using vegan materials in a sustainable manner, but they are also donating 10% to help the animals you’re saving. How awesome is that!?

and their designs are definitelyethi-cool”

What do you think?

This is only to name but a few. If you have a look around, there are hundreds of great vegan clothing brands with a sustainable and ethical mission behind their clothing.

Which is your favourite on our list of vegan clothing brands? Do you have any honourable mentions to add? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Alternatively, if you want to do your own research, you could check out what the celebrities are wearing from my post on celebrities you probably didn’t know were vegan!

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